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Access Consciousness – Body Processes

What are Access Consciousness Body Processes?

In a nutshell, the Access Consciousness Body Processes involve a hands-on approach to creating change in your life and body.  The involve placing the hands in various positions around the body and running specific energies. What this does is kind of “reset” the body back to its original functions and opens up possibilities to access all energies available across the Universe. The processes will help the body repair any damage that has been sustained.

The processes were discovered by the founder of Access Consciousness®, Gary Douglas, along with Dain Heer. You can find out more about them both on the Access Consciousness website.

There are nearly 50 different body processes with each one focusing energies in different ways. The reason there are so many processes is that each issue with the body requires different treatment and attention.  In the same way you wouldn’t visit a dentist to have your heart checked. 

What will happen during a session?

What you’re likely to feel whilst receiving a process is warmth and slight tingling in your body, and often a sense of ease and relaxation spreads through the body too. Some people don’t feel anything at all and that’s perfectly natural too. Everybody is different, and so you don’t need to feel anything happening in order for these processes to work for you. 

You get to lay back on a comfortable reclining chair or massage table, covered with a blanket, and relax as the body process is run on you. The great thing with Access Consciousness Body Processes is that they can be run through the clothes. From arrival, please allow 60-90 minutes for the process and any questions you may have.

What will the processes do for me?

The more often you have processes run on your body, the greater the ease and change you can have with your body. What many people also notice is that they recover from illnesses a lot quicker and their immune system works much more effectively.  There are processes for boosting the immune system, as well as improving your vision, recovering from drugs and alcohol, and even processes to reduce signs of ageing in the body!

I have also had people tell me they sleep better and found they were eating less as a result of experiencing some body processes. 

So when it comes to having processes run on your body, the way I like to work is see what’s required when you arrive for a session. I’ll ask your body what it requires and then we can take it from there.

How much is the investment in me?

The investment in you for a session is currently Rs. 8000/- per session. 

How do I book in to nurture my body?

If you’d like to know more or would like to book yourself in for a relaxing, nurturing session for you and your body please contact me.

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