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Creation Energy Pull


Over the years I’ve played with all sorts of systems, tools, and processes with the aim of creating and having the life and business that would be totally fun, and really expansive for me.

By far the ones that have created the greatest results, with the least amount of effort (and no blood, sweat, and tears!) are from Access Consciousness™

One of my favourite exercises/tools for creating what I’d like, is the creation energy pull.  It’s a way of pulling creation energy from all over the Universe and beyond to create and actualise whatever you would like. The key is to have no points of view about how, when, where, why it shows up!  If there’s anything tricky about this tool, that’s the bit. Although it’s really easy to get past that too!

What I’ve also come to acknowledge over the last couple of months is how freaking potent I am with creation energy pulls! I amaze myself at how quickly stuff shows up for me when I do them, with no point of view. Truly!

What is the energy of the future you desire?

What is the energy of the future that you KNOW is possible for you to create?

Join me for this magical energy pull

I’ve used them with clients from the space of play and curiosity and the feedback I’ve had has rocked my world deliciously!

This tool can be used for ANYTHING you’d like to change and create in your life – You can use it for all sorts of things including: clients, business possibilities, money, relationships, travel possibilities, more kindness in your life, new home, more people in your classes, more possibilities for play and fun, new job… the possibilities are endless!

In light of this, I had the hit to offer my capacities with this tool to others and contribute to them having the life they desire, and have fun in the process.

What happens in a Creation Energy Pull session?

We will start off destroying and uncreating all the points of view, decisions, judgments, and conclusions that you have about the session, and what will happen and what won’t happen, and so on.

I’ll then ask some questions to really perceive what it is you’d like to create and actualise, clearing any points of view you have about it and whether or not, and how quickly, it can show up for you.

Then we’ll do the energy pull, and I’ll run some processes as we pull creation energy.

The session will take around 15-20 minutes and it will be recorded so you get to listen to it again as often as you like. We will be using zoom conferencing so that the session can be easily recorded. With zoom you can either join using your computer or call in using your telephone – ease all the way!

How much does a Creation Energy Pull Session cost?

Each session, including a copy of the MP3 audio recording is Rs. 1500/-

Just to say….

I really do find this tool to be invaluable to me and how I create my life, and it never fails to amaze me at what can show up, when I have no point of view. I run this tool on lots of different areas of my life EVERY DAY and my life just keeps expanding and I have more and more fun.

Is now the time to invest in you and the joyful, juicy creation of your life and living?

Book yourself in NOW! Click the button above and let’s getting that creation energy flowing dynamically for you!  After you’ve paid for your session, remember to contact me to arrange the day and time for your session.

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