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Access Energetic Facelift


A wonderful way to rejuvenate and revitalize yourself to reverse the appearance of aging

  • Are you worried because of wrinkles and lines on your face?
  • Are you missing doing the things you used to do because of low energy?
  • Would you like to create the life that you desire?
  • Do you wish for more ease in your living?
  • Are you ready to let go of the limitations of freedom, thoughts, and movement?
  • Are you ready to relax and transform?

The Energetic Facelift is an amazing process that can eliminate the age phenomena of the face and create similar effects on the whole body without any pills, surgery, drugs or injections. . Through this process, 28 different energies will clear and unravel blockages and points of stagnation caused at the cellular level, in most cases, due to emotions and stress. With the restoration of the body’s energy flow, the muscles begin to relax and the skin begins to rejuvenate …


The Access Energetic FaceliftTM gives the body a chance to move and transform a lot of the limiting energies and judgments that get locked in our face, head, chest, and body.


A dynamic yet gentle hands-on body process, the facelift can deepen and quicken the body’s natural healing capacities.

The Access Energetic Facelift is a wonderful way to rejuvenate the face and reverse the signs of aging on the face and throughout the entire body.

The gentle soothing touch applied to your face and neck works with your body’s cells to restore, enliven, and rejuvenate.

While receiving an Access Facelift, many different energies are applied to the body and face, and there are many possibilities to discover what can be released. What if you could dissipate everything you have judged about your face?

Access Energetic Facelift

Benefits your whole body


Reduced Fine Lines
and Wrinkles

Due to easier energy flow through the body, muscles begin to relax allowing the skin to regenerate. Often, scarring and pigmentation begin to dissipate.

Radiant and Younger

Even after your first treatment. Having this procedure done consecutively will continue this rejuvenation process and permeate already achieved results.

Restores Natural Flow
of Body Energies

Gentle touch to the face, neck and feet facilitate this process by clearing blocks in the energy fields – stagnation points caused by emotions and long term stress.


This process is for anyone interested in looking and feeling more energetic and youthful. The Access Facelift® also can contribute to overall healing, wellbeing, and ease in the body. Anyone can learn this simple technique. Learning the Access Facelift® with a friend is particularly empowering, so you can gift and receive the benefits of this dynamic process on a weekly basis. Access Facelift® can also be a brilliant addition to any business working with clients and their bodies – beauty, wellness, massage, and more.


  • Brighter light and luminosity of the face
  • Elasticity of the skin
  • Clarity of the eyes
  • Glow in the hair
  • Lifting of breasts and buttocks
  • Improved energy
  • Increased relaxation

Vision Correction

Correcting vision is a dynamic hands on process which calls upon 15 different energies that will be unlocking limitations that impact your vision. Hence this process facilitates the eyes to be restored to its original blueprint by harmonizing the mind body connection. This simple and yet powerful process that is designed to correct vision and may also work on sinus problems. It can clear any traumas to the various parts of the eyes. All irritations, allergies, and age-related issues with the eyesight. Regular recipients have reported being able to go without reading glasses for an extended period of time. This process may also facilitate the release of emotions and blocks that have been stored in the body and are affecting the eyesight.


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30-minute online session for Rs. 6000/-
60-minute in-person session Rs. 10000/-

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