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Subconscious Re-Programming


The “subconscious” is the part of your mind that operates below your normal level of waking consciousness.

It is like the auto-pilot feature on an airplane. It has been pre-programmed to follow a specific route and you can’t deviate from that route unless you change the directions programmed into it first. Which generally happens during the formative years when child absorbs the information from their surroundings, environment, peer group, parents, etc, which is also known as conditioning. So in short you have conditioned your subconscious to react and create in a certain way and you can’t change it unless you get aware of the limiting beliefs that you have bought in the course of growing up.

Right now you’re primarily using your conscious mind to read these words and absorb their meaning, but beneath that mental focus, your subconscious mind is busily working behind the scenes, absorbing or rejecting information based on an existing perception you have of the world around you.

In this therapy, we get an awareness of the limiting blocks and then blast them out of existence, using various techniques, that are not working for you, so that you are free to create a life of your choosing with ease.

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What if life was no longer about solving problems? What if it was about having and being everything you came here to be? What if you could go beyond limitation and this reality?

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