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Talk to the Entities™ (TTTE) is a specialty area of Access Consciousness®. It deals with all aspects of the spirit world – including clearing, communicating with, receiving from and creating with entities. The entities with whom we work in TTTE include those who have passed, teammates (a.k.a. spirit guides or guardian angels), nature spirits, demons, beings of light, and more.

TTTE functions from the awareness that all of us have the capacity to perceive the spirit world. As children, many of us could even see ghosts, fairies and other spirits, but often were made wrong for it, or were told that it was all in our imagination. Or perhaps we saw scary movies or heard from others that these spirits were all evil and out to get us. The world of spirits is certainly a mixed bag, much like the world of people with bodies – some beings are kind, caring and interested in supporting us and contributing to us; others are trying to limit us in some way.


In the TTTE  sessions that I facilitate, I use practical and verbal processing to help dispel any fears, doubts, and weirdness about this topic and open up to the infinite possibilities of ease.

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30-minute 1 session for Rs. 8000/-
60-minute 2 session Rs. 14000/-

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